Dres Kehrli

We have at the monemt for extreme carvers a camp in Norikura and it's coached by Itaru Okuhara. Itaru has connectioned to Swiss ski instructors who are members from the Swiss Snow Demo Team. So, three ski instructors from switzerland have a lot of fun with Japanese Extreme Carvers.
We not only carve ,we also enjoy life with our Japanese friends so carving is not only skiing, carvnig is a life style, so we wish you a nice winter and lot of snow and lot of fun on the skis.

Reto Schlaeppi

If you want to go for Fun,so you should come to NORIKURA and try to carving with us.
Carving with Friends is happiness for everytime. In NORIKURA I have a very good time in the snow,because the people I met here have a open mind and are ready to do new things.
Carving is a new thing and it's playing with ski's in the snow. I wish many people in JAPAN will try carving and feel the new kind of skiing.
Many greetings from Reto and Let's go for Fun!

Thomas Herrmann

We have a great time here in Japan with Carving. The students are carving in extrem positions and are soon the best carvers this country.
greetings Thomas

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